Jivox Launches Groundbreaking AI-Driven Customer Journey Optimization Across Paid and Owned Media

San Mateo, CA (December 12, 2018) — Jivox, the personalized digital marketing technology leader, announced the launch of two new capabilities that offer brands a first-ever fully personalized customer experience across all paid and owned digital channels—including social media, native, display, video, and mobile advertising, the brand’s email and website:

  • Customer Journey Optimization is an analytics and optimization tool that uses AI to help marketers make smarter decisions by showing them which customer paths–starting from a brand website, email, or exposure to an advertisement–are driving engagement and conversions, and help brands optimize the best performing paths, in real time
  • Channel Connector™ enables brand marketers to use Jivox IQ with their preferred email marketing systems and websites to automate personalized content delivery, such as images and copy lines, while leveraging huge amounts of website, paid media, CRM, third-party and contextual data to personalize website content and landing pages upon individual consumers’ arrival.

These new Jivox solutions will empower brands to deliver precision marketing through the optimization of cross-channel customer journeys with unprecedented efficacy. Furthermore, The Forrester Wave™: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q4 2018 report by Forrester Research, Inc. said that Jivox’s “investment in customer journey analytics and optimization should appeal to clients interested in a cohesive, orchestrated approach to creative messaging.”

“In order to succeed in today’s competitive, multi-channel world, brands need to quickly see and act on the optimal buying paths that are producing engagement and conversions,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder and CEO, Jivox. “With the introduction of Customer Journey Optimization and Channel Connector, we’re excited to offer brand marketers an industry-first solution, enabling a 360-degree view of individual customers’ optimized journeys across owned media, such as email, website, and paid media, including all formats of advertising. This helps brands win with precision marketing, by creating a highly relevant and deeply personalized customer experience at every touchpoint.”

Previously, the vast majority of customer journey analytics tools focused exclusively on owned media, with no insight into how a brand’s advertising impacted customer engagement. By analyzing terabytes of omnichannel data, Customer Journey Optimization creates intuitive visualizations that highlight a brand’s most effective customer journey paths—across all channels. In eliminating less effective, “distractor” paths from the equation, the new feature prevents marketers from drowning in excessive data and allows them to make sound optimization decisions based on first-rate artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, Jivox IQ Channel Connector integrates a wide range of first- and third-party data to help brands give each customer the most engaging website and email experience. Whereas most website personalization tools rely on a shallow pool of website data, Channel Connector helps brands select the right message based on a truly holistic set of customer information. By extending Jivox IQ’s AI personalization tools to website and email content, Channel Connector makes Jivox the only technology company to bridge the gap between owned and paid channels, enabling brands to deliver a fully personalized customer journey for the very first time.

To learn more about the Jivox IQ Platform, please visit https://jivox.com/product.

About Jivox
Jivox is transforming the way the world experiences digital marketing. We connect brands with their audiences in the most personalized way: using big data, machine learning and dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology to serve relevant messages in their purchase-intent micro moments across all channels. Our flagship Jivox IQ is purpose-built to assemble and deliver 1:1 messages on-the-fly—through advertisements, email and social media. Powered by Neuron™ Machine Learning technology, this intelligent platform helps brands deliver, at scale, thousands of hyper-personalized messages through a real-time omnichannel experience—all made possible by integration with data of every kind: proprietary, audience, contextual, campaign. Jivox is trusted by hundreds of leading companies including Marriott International, Toyota, Sony, REI, Pepsi and more. Please visit w2-sandbox.jivox.com.