Jivox Launches IQiD™: A First-Party Deterministic Identity Graph Offering for Personalizing Dynamic Creative Without Third-Party Cookies

The Industry’s Only Personalized Digital Marketing Platform to Use Hybrid Cloud Container Technology to Enable First-Party Data Access

San Mateo, CA (Nov 11, 2019) – Jivox, the leader in personalized digital marketing, announced today that Jivox IQiD™, a breakthrough technological solution for user identity, enables brands to personalize dynamic creative (DCO) at scale using first-party data they own as well as contextual triggers. With this first-party deterministic identity graph, brands are empowered to build 1:1 relationships with individual consumers without having to rely on third-party cookies. The new technology is available immediately as part of the Jivox IQ Enterprise version. Jivox Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering Shankar Venkataraman will present details about this innovative solution on November 12 at the IAB Tech Lab Innovation Day conference during a session entitled “No Cookies? Use Your First-Party Data to Drive Dynamic Creative Personalization.

By way of “silent tracking,” marketing technology platforms use third-party cookies—often without consent—to identify users and their preferences. Such data is then packaged and sold to brands, leveraged for ad targeting and content customization. In recent years, increasing consumer outrage and privacy concerns have driven web browsers to take aggressive steps to disable the collection of data without user consent.

“As the leader of personalized digital marketing, we have a responsibility to listen to consumers and brands. We use technology to ensure that brands are compliant with consumer privacy while serving consumers the precise, relevant content that they so desired,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder and CEO, Jivox. “We were one of the first marketing technology platforms to embrace GDPR, and we are already implementing CCPA. We wanted to continue leading on privacy by being the first to provide brands with a better way to continue personalizing experiences for consumers while being compliant with data privacy and consumers’ demand for consent in the use of their data.”

Apple Safari was the first browser to implement Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). Recently, Firefox also decided to block third-party cookies. Google Chrome is expected to follow suit. As a workaround, some martech and adtech platforms employ fingerprinting technology. Instead of using third-party cookies, fingerprinting uses various pieces of information that are somewhat unique to a browser, such as browser version or installed plugins, to create a somewhat unique fingerprint for identifying the user.  More and more browsers have responded by disabling fingerprinting within the browser environment, effectively disabling these mechanisms to identify the user.

Jivox’s new IQiD technology was developed to enable brands to use their vast amounts of consented data to deliver personalized experiences to the consumers who have chosen to engage with or purchase from the brand—all in a privacy-compliant manner.

Unlike most martech and adtech platforms, which run outside the brand’s firewall and domain, Jivox IQiD uses groundbreaking hybrid cloud technology that runs within the brand’s domain. Fully integrated with the brands’ data infrastructure, Jivox IQiD ensures that data collected for personalization utilizes the brand’s consent technology and privacy compliance infrastructure for opt-out. Without relying on third-party cookies or fingerprinting techniques, Jivox IQiD essentially acts like a brand’s CRM system.

Jivox IQiD communicates in real-time with Jivox IQ to deliver first-party data tied to the user. Jivox IQ then uses that data to power real-time decisioning through its Personalization Hub™ technology, which stores and combines user attributes with other contextual data to deliver a precisely tailored message or content to the consumer.

For more information, please visit https://info.jivox.com/jivox-iq-identity-graph.

About Jivox
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