At Jivox, we’re privileged to have a bunch of women with a spirit that reverberates the unstoppable culture we’ve built over the years. This was nowhere more apparent than in the year 2020 when, almost overnight, we had to shift to remote work completely. For many women, this meant wearing many different hats as they balanced their responsibilities at work and home.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked our women employees to give us a word corresponding to each letter of the phrase, “The Unstoppable Women of Jivox” and to describe what it means to them.

Take a look at the word puzzle we created from each of the responses we received:

Together: We’re all in this together and go above and beyond to make our colleagues, partners, and customers successful.” — Aanchal Kumar

Happy & Hopeful: We smile and laugh a lot here at Jivox, proving that happy women are the prettiest both inside and out. And we always live each day with a hopeful heart.”
— Shannan McCray

Endeavoring: We women try very hard when we make an earnest attempt to do or achieve something.” — Jasika Sahu

Unwavering: We as women are often strong, confident, and steadfast no matter what the situation is both in our personal and professional life. We all face situations where we are at crossroads at some point in our lives and what determines us are the choices we make. We can choose to be either sad and bitter or stand up again and pick up the broken pieces. After all, what does not kill only you makes you stronger.”  Mirilla Woodward

Nurturing: We always look after our family members, be it our own or the extended family at Jivox and we help them grow. We’re always ready to help.”  Manasa Srinath.

“Strength: As women, our strength sometimes gets overlooked, both mental and physical. But we can overcome all obstacles and push forward with vigor.”  Satbeer Brar

Tenacious: No matter how hard it gets, we never give up until we accomplish our goals.”
– Ankita Agrawal

Optimistic: We are hopeful and confident about the future.” Kiranmai Badishetty

Productive: Our minds want to feel accomplished. Spending time on worthy causes and important matters keeps us happy.”  Anjili Agarwal

Patient: We have the ability to remain calm and collected in order to adhere to high standards and in turn drive even higher results.” — Jamila Elouazani

Autonomy: Ability to act on our own values and interests is important for women. For me, my autonomy has helped shape my work environment,  so that I was able to give the best of my ability.” — Suganya Ramalingam

Ballsy: As the English would say–  fearless and prepared to take risks yet vulnerable where needed and readily make changes.” — Danielle Wykes

Leader: Women are always leaders in their own way, be it leading at home or at work. We multitask and manage everything with Love and care.” — Keerthi Rajan

Empathy: Empathy is understanding how others feel. Women are often better at feeling others’ pain, an important way to build trust.” — Anna Luo

Wise & Wonderful: We have the intellectual power to achieve the pinnacle of success in all that we do. Being part of building a company is a commitment to the integration of passion, purpose, and practice. The wise & wonderful women at Jivox have all these integrated within them.” — Priyanka Dass

Open: While we are open to new ideas, changes, ways of thinking, and collaboration, we are also open-hearted to be inclusive and work together.” — Esther Neil

Multifaceted: As women, we enjoy wearing many hats at work, in our families, and within our community.” — Smita Shore

Exuberant: We are joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic.” — Samiksha Reddy

Nice: As women leaders and professionals, it’s important to always remember to be nice to individuals and especially other women around us. Simply being nice and having good intentions at heart is a quality that can go a long way in achieving success.”
— Bharati Makhijani

One-of-a-kind: We all have unique gifts and skills that allow us to contribute to the greater group or common goal in our own personal way. — Jaimie Villacarlos

Fierce: A woman who is fierce is always looking to better herself and the world around her. When you’re a fierce woman, you respect yourself and your limits.” — Swati Parikh

Jovial: We are cheerful and friendly.” — Himadri Sarma

Intuitive: As a woman. I don’t listen to any voice in my life but my own. I only follow my own gut, because no one knows better than me what I truly want and need in life.” — Devi Iswarya

Vivacious: We are attractively lively and high-spirited. My goal is to work so hard, that my signature will be called an autograph.” — Vrushali Junnarkar

Observant: A woman keenly listens to everyone and is mindful of situations around her which helps her empathize and extend a hug as needed.” — Rushanthini Subramaniam

Xena: Confident, strong women just like  Wonder Woman. My goal is to inspire, empower and help one another find their purpose personally and in the workplace.” — Claudia Rafello

Here’s wishing all the women at Jivox and outside a very happy International Women’s Day!