What’s the first thing that came to your mind when you read the above line?

Quick, don’t think – just say it out loud.

We asked our employees this question at the beginning of 2022 with the goal of starting the year on a positive note.

A year ago, we began this initiative as a contest across all our offices globally and asked our employees about the  charity organizations they personally support. The top three causes would get a donation of $1000 each from Jivox.

What started off as an initiative to give back to society, also helped us get to know each other a little better. We received an outpour of passionate responses, as employees shared the causes that were dear to them.

Here are this year’s top three selected causes along with a little information about the organizations and their supporting champions!

Kris Halligan | Wednesday’s Gift (California, USA)
An all-volunteer organization that provides basic necessities of life to Marin County and San Francisco County residents without delay.

Kris has been involved with Wednesday’s Gift, a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, for the last 10+ years.

She, along with a group of volunteers gather the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve  to create care packages that include toiletries, soap, shampoos, conditioners and socks, among other things in an assembly-line fashion. The packages are distributed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

In addition, volunteers also donate clothing , gym shoes, and boots and take out time to lay out a hot buffet breakfast for the homeless. In more recent years, hairstylists have also offered free shaves and haircuts!

We’re delighted to support Kris’ passion for the homeless in her city.

Aanchal Kumar | Eco Matcher (Across APAC region)
Helping brands respond to the climate crisis, one tree at a time.

Aanchal strongly believes in getting involved in environmental efforts to combat the effects of climate change and  ecological degradation. She believes that one way to counter the climate crisis that has emerged from urbanization and human encroachment is to plant more trees to improve air quality and add natural beauty to the surroundings.

Through Ecomatcher, an organization Aanchal supports, we not only get the option to pay to plant trees, but also get to see the impact first hand – through pictures of the trees, the farmers, and the location where they’ve been planted.

Aanchal believes that this exercise of planting trees would serve as a great way for Jivox  employees across the globe to virtually participate in a positive cause for the environment and in turn be inspired to do something similar in their own local communities.

Ayush Agrawal | Janpad Prathmik Sala  (Chattisgarh, India)
Ensuring quality education for all children by building a movement of leaders and engaging the community.

Ayush has been a part of many CSR initiatives with other groups in the past and personally believes that education is an important means of making our society better, as educating one person today impacts successive generations.

Ayush has always taken the effort to help government schools in the city of Bangalore. This time around, he  wanted to help the government school that he himself attended in his hometown.

Established in the year 1964, this school is based out of a rural village and currently manages on support from the local government. All the students in the school are from the families of local farmers who are often under economic duress.

Although the school provides free basic primary and secondary education till grade 10,  it lacks the most basic facilities such as toilets, sports kits, and a playground for the students.

Ayush hopes to work closely with the school staff to solve the many issues they face and give the children of this village in India a chance to live a brighter future. We, at Jivox, are moved by Ayush’s passion and are proud to support his cause.

We wish the very best to the three champions and their selected organizations! We hope that these donations help make a difference to the local communities and the causes they cater to.