New feed-based powers for marketers to automate personalized, relevant and engaging offer ads.

Anyone who has worked for a brand selling direct-to-consumer online knows the challenge of getting new ads out in front of customers fast enough with the latest offers, pricing and messaging to stay ahead of the competition.

The commercial team will have constantly changing objectives and deals that need promoting across marketing channels. The creative team may struggle to adapt the ads to call out the discount effectively. The media team then needs to figure out how to get this message in front of people whilst the offer is still hot off the press.

Add to this, the increasing pressure marketing leaders are facing to prove ROAS and increase effectiveness as budgets or resources tighten.

It’s more important than ever for commercial teams and media activation teams to collaborate effectively and find ways to get enticing offers in front of prospective buyers.

Today, we’re announcing Dynamic Offer Creative, a new Jivox automation capability that enables e-commerce advertisers to effortlessly incorporate high-impact offer messaging into their dynamic product ads.

Brands can combine their product feed, containing dynamic product details such as pricing and images, with time-sensitive offer content (sometimes from a separate Offer Feed) including discount copy, promotional overlays or seasonal assets to populate engaging carousel ads.

As offers usually update on a different cadence than the details in the product feed, brands can set the offers on a calendar schedule to prevent any last-minute manual switching of offers.

Jivox Dynamic Offer Creative Benefits:

Promote your latest offers without the last-minute stress. Dynamic Offer Creative combines product and offer content from feeds to show relevant ads with ease.

Boost sales by driving offer awareness with engaging carousel creative.
Save time with feeds by scheduling sale creative on dynamic product ads.
Increase relevance with countdown copy or dynamic click URLs.

How Dynamic Offer Creative Works

Let’s say you are a fashion retailer looking to facilitate easier collaboration between activation and commerce teams to be more responsive to promotions that can often come at the very last minute to combat competitor brands’ offers.

With Dynamic Offer Creative, the commerce team inputs the deal information such as copy i.e. “January Flash Sale – Up to 40% Off Sportswear”, approved creative assets for the offer to draw attention to the sale on the first carousel card and the validity period through start and end times.

UI Creative Asset Source

This feeds automatically into the Dynamic Canvas Studio managed by the activation team, so all they have to do is check the previews and sign it off before updating the campaign. The Dynamic Offer Creative is then applied to the relevant products included in the deal and pricing is always up-to-date according to the retailer’s product feed.

No more creating separate ads or campaigns for sale periods at the last minute.

No more creative limitations trying to overlay offers into existing Dynamic Product Ads.

No need to modify the master product feed to support offers.

No more missed opportunities by not being able to promote all offers coming from the commercial teams.

How to Get Started with Jivox Dynamic Offer Creative

The Dynamic Offer Creative feature can be tried out by users of Jivox in three easy steps:

  1. Build a Carousel unit in the Dynamic Canvas Studio
  2. Plug in your feeds
  3. Take advantage of all the automation efficiencies of feeds without compromising on eye-catching, high-impact, short-term promotional creative.

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