Personalizing marketing messages at scale can be challenging. Besides tailoring messages to make them relevant to consumers’ prior interactions in the current context, brands must also deliver them in the right channel with the right format. Doing this at scale manually can get dreary, not to mention expensive and time-consuming, especially in cases where a brand offers multiple product categories across different markets.

Jivox IQ’s Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) solution was designed to address the problem of delivering personalization at scale.  Its Dynamic Canvas Studio automates the generation of thousands of creative variations across multiple channels without restricting the brand’s creativity. Instead of spending hours of manual work on a seemingly repetitive task, brands can shift the focus of their teams to real creative work through automation, all the while making their creative production process more efficient.

Single creative master. Thousands of variations.

A creative master is a single, animated creative design that Jivox IQ uses to render different variations by swapping out assets such as copy, price, logo, and product or background images. The creative master file can be designed using Adobe Animate, Adobe Edge or Google Web Designer and can also be a custom-coded HTML5 ad, or Adobe After Effects in case of video ads.  Once uploaded, the platform generates a preview of the creative master and separates out all the assets within the design, allowing users to mark specific assets as dynamic. This file will now act as the base design from where the different dynamic assets can be swapped to create thousands of ad variations.

Improting creative master

Upload. Swap. Preview

An ad rendered incorrectly with errors in alignment, copy, or design can be a marketer’s worst nightmare as it completely waters down the message and shows the brand in poor light. Fortunately, the Dynamic Canvas Studio UI gives users the opportunity to preview creative variations prior to setting them up in a live campaign.

Jivox IQ uses a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) to store all the dynamic assets associated with an ad, such as background images, product images, and logos. The CMS is further powered by a sophisticated Content Delivery Network that retrieves each of these assets on-the-fly at the time of ad serving. Once users upload assets to the CMS, they can start swapping out the existing assets within the creative master file to generate variations. They can also make changes to the copy and preview the new variation alongside the original creative master. When the design of the new ad looks good to go, it can then be saved as a separate variation.

Upload, Swap, Preview-3

Simplify production for complex campaigns 

Campaign set-ups can often get complex particularly when they are run for lower-funnel objectives such as boosting conversion or increasing sales. In such cases, it is common for brands to contrive several personalized variations that feature products and offers via a live feed. 

Jivox IQ allows customers to plug their own product feeds into a campaign and retrieve all the necessary information in real-time, taking away the need for users to upload every product image or offer to the CMS. It also expedites the process of configuring variations in bulk by automatically generating an asset source from the creative master. An asset source is like a content feed where every column represents the dynamic component within an ad, and every row translates to a unique variation.

The goal of creative automation is to take over the everyday mundane tasks in the production process and make room for real creative work to surface. Often the difference between one ad variation and another is nothing more than a change in the product image or a minor update in the copy. Yet, brands shy away from using technology to automate production as it could compromise their creativity by forcing them to stick to hard-and-fast templates.

Jivox’s Dynamic Canvas studio, however, offers a sophisticated, easy-to-use UI that gives creative freedom for a true 1:1 experience with customers. Brands can use designs that are true to their own visual identity and style and deploy the software to take care of the repetitive task of generating variations. Jivox’s Dynamic Canvas Studio combined with its Decision Graph technology assembles the most relevant creative in real-time, making the platform a powerful solution for creating personalized consumer experiences.

Curious to see the Dynamic Canvas Studio in action? Drop us a note and we will schedule a demo with our personalization experts.