Increase creative production cost savings using automation 

Launching a digital campaign often involves frequent, repetitive tasks. For instance, to run the same campaign across multiple channels, ads must be re-sized to adhere to the specifications of that channel. An ad created for mobile will not work on Facebook. This would not have been such a big problem if the brand had a single ad for all customers. However, in the increasingly personalized world of digital advertising today, every brand seeks to communicate in the most relevant way to customers.

Jivox personalization platform simplifies the repetitive task of recreating every ad by transforming ad images: resizing using trim, zoom or compress features. The key benefit of this feature is using automation to transform any set of images to fit in a specified layout or size.

Saving time and money for more important tasks
CPG, retail and e-commerce brands often work with a large feed of product images that are frequently updated when new products get added. Since ads have different layouts (for example, 300×250, 300×600, 720×90 etc), an image that fits one dimension may get cropped in another:
Illustration of incorrect sizing_3

Cropping and re-sizing these images manually not only takes time but also increases the cost of allocating more resources to perform this task. Now, brands can automate this dreary task and divert their designers to more productive projects, all while reducing the time it takes to launch a campaign. 

Re-size, trim, align and more
Image assets in a product feed can be transformed in a number of ways:
  • Images can be trimmed to remove empty spaces around them or to change the background color
  • Users can choose to change the focus of the image or adjust the size of the image to a set dimension
  • Images can also be compressed and aligned as per the ad layout

To make the task even easier, a live preview window shows how the transformed image would look in the final ad layout.

Live preview-1


Best of all, the transformation applied to a single image automatically applies to other images in the product feed:

Image resizing in actionIn short, with Jivox IQ,

Brands can achieve greater efficiency and increase speed-to-market at a fraction of the cost.

Brands that work with a large asset of images can spend hours, days or even weeks to manually crop, re-size, and align images to fit multiple layouts.  Automating this process enables them to quickly scale digital marketing personalization and significantly reduce the time taken to go live with campaigns. It frees up valuable resources for the next big idea or campaign.

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