Save tons of time with our automated 1-Click Bulk Tag & Tracker workflows.

Dynamic Creative Optimization: The 10-Minute Trafficking Manifesto

Digital marketing can sometimes be a cumbersome process with more channels, data points and tech platforms for marketers to deal with than ever before.

This is often evident just when a campaign is about to go live: trafficking.

Tracking performance, monitoring fraud, measuring viewability and serving ads to the correct audiences are all critical to successful campaigns but can feel like relentless admin tasks getting in the way of getting the message out there.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could start automating some of these mundane workflows and get back to the creative strategy and big ideas?

Your Time Is Our KPI

Here’s our estimates of how quickly you can activate a new Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) campaign on Jivox with our 1-Click Bulk Tag & Tracker process:

5 minutes to define your DSP placement information, data signals etc.

4 minutes to select third-party measurement parameters

15 seconds to sync your media plan from Google Campaign Manager

30 seconds to generate all ad tags for 1000s of ads

Our 10-Minute Trafficking Manifesto

Bring your own ad server & media plan i.e. GCM, Prisma
Auto-generate tags in bulk with trackers appended
1-click wrapping for monitoring & blocking with DoubleVerify
1-click sync tags with your DSP of choice i.e. DV360, TheTradeDesk

Whether it’s 10 ads or 10,000; trafficking should be painless and a flick of a switch.

Setting The Standard For DCO Activation

Generate tags and trackers in Jivox in 4 easy steps

As an independent DCO platform we put a lot of effort into strengthening our integrations within the broader Ad Tech ecosystem because we think flexibility and automation relieves a lot of headaches.

Third-party brand safety and measurement providers integrated with Jivox
Link your Brand Safety & Measurement accounts to Jivox easily.
Automatically generating ad trackers in bulk in Jivox
Select your DSP and generate tags in bulk with trackers already applied.

“Customers should not have to worry about human errors or inefficiencies in the Adtech system for launching their campaigns. Our revolutionary Bulk Tag & Tracker Generation feature slashes the time spent on trafficking tags by 70%, so you can launch in as little clicks as possible. Trust in our system, and let your campaigns soar to new heights.”

Arjun Narayanan, Product Manager

There’s a misconception that DCO can make trafficking more complex, due to there being 100s of ads for different creative and messaging combinations. However with an automated DCO platform like Jivox, 1 creative does not equal 1 tag because the ad is dynamically rendered, served and tracked at the time of the tag being called.

Did you know that manual generation of ad tags for every creative generated is one of the biggest myths around DCO? A platform that is truly automated removes workflow redundancies to launch campaigns quickly. Read more about this and other common myths around DCO >>

The Opposition: Manual Workflows

The concern may stem from other DCO tools’ trafficking processes which often involve exporting and importing ad tags and trackers across the ecosystem, causing a lot of manual work and time spent simply trying to serve ads and measure results cohesively.

Other tools have clunky manual processes that add hours, or even days, to the activation process. Here’s a few red flags to keep an eye out for:

No easy option to use your existing ad server and media plans i.e. GCM Additional ad serving fees

Double setup time

Ad tag generation happens on a placement-by-placement basis Sophisticated personalization campaign strategies become prohibitive
Tags must be sent manually to vendors for wrapping Delays in launching make your business less competitive
Manual exports & imports of tag sheets Takes valuable time – likely on a Friday night – to go live in time

Risk of human errors

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Remove the error-prone mundane manual workflows and help team members focus on value-adding projects, optimizing personnel hours across the marketing team.

This way, marketers can put all of their energy into optimizing performance and ROI, as all KPIs and success metrics are easily tracked in the brand’s single source of truth across channels.

Let Jivox help you automate a winning campaign today.