What are super funnels and why do they matter? Can we achieve a low customer acquisition cost while maintaining high throughput and high customer lifetime values? What are the best ways to build a super funnel?

In this episode, Alex Schaefer discusses what are the best ways to build super funnels, how to bucket customer journeys, what tools to consider when building super funnel dashboards and KPIs that digital marketeers should measure to ensure that these funnels are operationally successful.

About the Speaker:

Alex Schaefer is DeepCrawl’s Chief Revenue Officer. In this role he leads the go-to-market teams that span Sales, Customer Success, Professional Services, Operations and Partnerships. Alex is a seasoned tech and start-up exec with 15 years of experience in PE and VC backed ventures. He also spent 2.5 years with the Peace Corps in Kenya and got a global MBA from INSEAD.

DeepCrawl is the world’s #1 Technical SEO site monitoring platform that helps users detect opportunities for growth and protects against deploying revenue-sapping code. DeepCrawl’s technology is trusted by over 50% of the Fortune 500 and all 6 of the major global group advertising agencies.