Why Here, Why Now?

Danielle Wykes and I both work for Jivox, a company built on the strength and resilience of 150 talents around the world. We, as a company, are passionate about using technology to help solve business problems and drive business growth.

Throughout 13 years of our operation, we have hit a few bumps along the way. We have pivoted our business strategy and technologies a few times with the changing market demand. But, we never stop moving forward. We never stop innovating.

Being a global enterprise, Jivox is a melting pot of diverse gender, race, and religion. The Jivox culture is one of inclusiveness.

So when Danielle comes to me with the idea of creating a podcast series exploring career and personal challenges, as well as diversity in the workplace, I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm. We both see the same strength and resilience in our customers, partners, and many, many fellow marketers as we cross paths with them. We are in awe of how they have overcome personal and professional challenges. In turn, these challenges become the thread that binds us together–the thread of threads that weave into heartbreaking and heartwarming stories about:

Personal, professional struggles and wins.
Age, career paths and finding a balanced life.
Disabilities and their impact on careers.

And there’s a lot more.

How do each of us overcome these challenges? How can we be the guiding light to those who are still lost in the dark? When is the right time to stand up and say something?

The Time Is Now.

Through a series of podcasts, we will explore and share the vulnerable sides of humanity through interviews with fellow marketers. Our goal is to shine light on the courageous individuals who share their pain, so they can help others who suffer like they have.

Danielle, our Managing Director of EMEA and the podcast host, will guide these conversations–through the lens of her own experiences.

Let us know your thoughts on these topics, and any related topics that interest you.


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About Jivox

Jivox is a cloud-based, data-driven platform for delivering personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences at scale. It is a powerful solution for engaging consumers with the right message in real-time and across all channels. Our passion for cutting-edge technology, coupled with our strength and resilience, have landed us a leadership position in digital marketing, as large global brands place their trust in our personalization technology to deliver relevant marketing content to individual consumers. We have also been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Creative Advertising Technologies, 4Q2018.