It’s been over two months since the COVID-19 Stay-at-home orders came into effect. In many ways, the coronavirus crisis has transformed Jivox. It has brought us closer as a team and as a family. Jivox offices around the world now come together every day to appreciate one another’s talents, either through our home-grown cooking and cocktail mixing shows, acapella singing and musical instrument performance, or in-home fitness and virtual group workouts.

We’ve all become more productive. Though we work individually from home, we collaborate more frequently online and discover new ways of working together, helping each other to meet deadlines and win deals–notably in helping customers launch their COVID-19 ad campaigns using DCO. In a matter of hours, we helped global brands shift their ad creative from promotion to crisis response.

We extend this care for our colleagues and customers to our neighbors and communities– through donations to food banks and protective gear for essential workers, or volunteering at local charities to help victims of all kinds due to this crisis. We respond with strength and speed.

This is resilience.

We always find ways to be better people at the darkest moments in our lives.

Danielle Wykes, our managing director of EMEA, saw RESILIENCE in us. In her latest podcast, Danielle interviewed Claudia Rafello, our chief of people and culture, and Taylor White, our chief FUN officer, to share their perspectives on resilience. Danielle’s favorite quote is one from Sheryl Sandberg:

“Resilience is the strength and speed of our response to adversity.”

Enjoy the podcast.

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