Jivox Launches Global Preferred Partner Program for Personalized Dynamic Creative Solutions

MediaCom Beyond Advertising and Media iQ Sign On As Inaugural Partners

SAN MATEO, Calif. (November 30, 2017) — Jivox, the personalized digital marketing technology leader, announced the launch of a new partnership program for creative agencies, media agencies, production agencies and marketing technology platform providers to provide comprehensive integration, training and certification in Jivox’s IQ Platform as well as preferred pricing options. This new Jivox Preferred Partner Program is designed to enable partners to tap into the benefits of personalized digital marketing at scale and to serve their brand customers with fully integrated state-of-the-art dynamic creative optimization (DCO) solutions.

MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) and Media iQ have joined the Jivox Preferred Partner Program as inaugural partners.

“The goal of the Jivox Preferred Partner Program is to ensure key partners in the digital marketing ecosystem come together to effectively deliver personalized digital marketing to brands. The Preferred Partner Program provides not only the most advanced technology platform in the market but also training, best practices, process knowledge as well as APIs that integrate partners’ valuable data and algorithms into the Jivox platform,” said Diaz Nesamoney, President and CEO, Jivox. “We are very proud to join hands with these partners—whether they conceive, build, or place digital creative—to actualize meaningful ROI for large global brands.”

“We are excited to take part in the Jivox Preferred Partner Program, rolling out training and certification that will allow us to access the full potential of Jivox’s DCO technology. This helps us apply more learnings across MediaCom’s programmatic creative service and scale our capabilities to drive optimum business results for our clients,” said Nicole Amodeo, Global Head of Programmatic Creative, MediaCom Beyond Advertising.

“Becoming a part of the Jivox Preferred Partner Program lets us tap into their cutting-edge personalized DCO platform with a high-level of expertise,” said Tom Richards, Product Director, Media & Data, at Media iQ. “Integrating Jivox alongside our analytics technology AiQ further extends our commitment to our clients in converting insights into better performing and better targeted, programmatic media campaigns. We look forward to adding Jivox’s new capabilities to our data driven creative offerings, through the recently announced Programmable Personalization APIs.”

Partners will be able to participate in the Jivox Preferred Partner Program as either Service Partners or Platform Partners. Service Partners will receive specific training that enables them to deliver Managed Services to brands. Platform Partners will receive access to Jivox IQ’s Programmable Personalization APIs and deeper technology training to directly leverage Jivox IQ for personalization and to integrate their technology and workflows directly into the Jivox IQ platform.

The training is offered in the form of a formal certification program, where key partners will learn about Jivox’s process, product, and platform integration. Process certification provides a detailed understanding of the end-to-end workflow necessary for creating compelling personalized campaigns using Jivox IQ. Product certification gives partners an in-depth understanding of the platform, which consists of three levels:

  • Standard: At this foundational level, partners will be able to set up simple retargeting campaigns and configure rotation and optimizations.
  • Advanced: At this level, partners will be able to set up advanced personalized dynamic creative campaigns using multiple data triggers, complex decision graphs and configure rules with cascading logic and complex asset feeds.
  • Elite: At this “innovation” level, partners will be well verse in the full spectrum of the platform workflow, advanced features like omni-channel personalization and machine learning-based recommendation as well as integration with the Jivox Programmable Personalization APIs.

Those that participate in the new partnership and certification program will become proficient in processes of creating data-driven personalized ad campaigns. Platform partners will be able to utilize Jivox IQ’s powerful Programmable Personalization APIs to integrate their workflow, data and machine learning models into the Jivox IQ platform.

“Jivox wants to see our Preferred Partners succeed in personalized digital marketing using our market-leading platform,” Nesamoney added. “We are therefore offering significant benefits such as favorable pricing to access Jivox IQ, 24/7 premium global support, exclusive access to personalization strategy, case studies, aggregated benchmarks covering over 50 brands, public relations, joint marketing and joint development of exclusive solutions consisting of machine learning algorithms for verticals, and more.”

For more information, please visit https://jivox.com/partners/ .

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