DCO Case Study: Global Automotive Manufacturer

A Global 500 Japanese Multinational Automotive Manufacturer Personalizes Ad Messaging On-The-Fly Based On Audience Behavior

CTR Lift

Higher Interaction

Campaign Overview

One of the world’s largest automotive brands used an advanced behavioral retargeting strategy to re-engage potential buyers. This strategy combined audience search history with their various “dropped-off” points from one of the company’s European websites to personalize ad messaging, resulting in a significant engagement lift of 7x the industry CTR.

Personalization Based On Website Interaction

  • 51 unique creative variations across 4 different ad sizes.
  • Potential buyers were remarketed with relevant messaging based on their most recent website interaction, aiming to move them down the funnel:
    • Segment 1: visited the website without looking at a car model; retargeted with ad variations of different car models to bring them back to the website.
    • Segment 2: viewed specific car model webpage; retargeted with ad variations showcasing the same car model–enticing them to continue down the purchase path.
    • Segment 3: started configuring the car but dropped off prior to purchase; retargeted with personalized ad variations based on the specifics of the model, encouraging them to explore further.
    • Segment 4: completed car configuration for a specific model; retargeted with ad messaging that encouraged them to request for a quote.
Automotive Case Study