Jeff Taylor

Chief Architect

Jeff Taylor, Chief Architect at Jivox, provides technical oversight for all the product and engineering initiatives. He brings to Jivox a wealth of experience in creating large scale systems, especially in data and video processing. Jeff’s imprint can be seen across the Jivox personalization platform. He has also been instrumental in keeping a lean and mean cloud operation infrastructure that scales ad impressions in billions.

Prior to joining Jivox, Jeff was a software architect at Informatica, where he led multiple key product releases and held patents related to metadata and metadata deployment. In a similar role at Jaman, he built the cross-platform client application for purchasing and playing back DRM protected video content. Jeff started his career as a software engineer at IBM, with a focus on network security and UI design and implementation for EDA software

Jeff received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.