What Is It & Why It Matters to In-house Creative Teams & Agencies

Earlier today, we launched Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS), a significant upgrade to the creative automation capabilities of our flagship Jivox IQ. Now, the intuitive, creative-friendly interface gives you — creative teams and agencies — the ability to  easily automate the versioning of creative content at scale. We put control in your hands by providing you with complete design freedom that does not compromise the sophisticated use of data and AI-powered decisioning. In fact, with these combined abilities you have the power to drive hundreds of thousands of creative variations across all channels, in real time, to enable  1:1 communication with individual consumers.

Watch this short video to learn about:

  • What Is Dynamic Canvas Studio?
  • Why Does Dynamic Canvas Studio Matter?
  • Why We Are Excited About Introducing Dynamic Canvas Studio To The Market?
  • How Does Dynamic Canvas Studio Enhance Jivox’s DCO Technology-Based Platform?

Why Now

As you embark on omni-channel personalization to engage consumers on a 1:1 basis, the costs of producing personalized versions of creative content can escalate significantly. With each product, package, offer, language, price, currency and format/channel, production costs of these creative variations can overwhelm most marketing budgets. Now, with Jivox DCS, you no longer have to choose between first generation template based DCO tools that lack the emotional appeal of bespoke creative or to use traditional creative tools that provide creative flexibility but do not have automated versioning at scale.

Next Step

Highlighted below are the key capabilities of the Jivox DCS:

  • Direct integration and support for Adobe Animate CC*, Adobe After Effects*, Google WebDesigner* and other HTML5, video and image creative authoring tools
  • A single master that can automatically produce and render hundreds of thousands of variations by uploading individual component assets or adding a feed of assets
  • Versions can be previewed and edited in a visual environment to test fonts, copy, images etc. to ensure they visually fit well within the creative master

Read our post, Dynamic Canvas Studio: Sophisticated Platform With Easy-To-Use UI, to learn more about the simple steps for ensuring your creative freedom for a 1:1 experience with individual consumers. A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a peek at our new UI and see how you can scale personalized creatives easily and quickly.

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