After four years owning Sizmek, Amazon has decided to shut the ad serving platform down next year. For advertisers currently using Sizmek, that means they’ll need to find a new home for their campaigns fairly quickly.

A Seamless Upgrade with Jivox

Now where Sizmek is an ad serving platform first with some dynamic content optimization (DCO) capabilities, Jivox is the reverse: a robust DCO platform with ad serving capabilities.

The practical difference is that personalization is front and center with Jivox. Your message reaches your audience with the precision that is unparalleled across the advertising-tech industry. If the ultimate goal of advertising is to reach the right person with the right message, then Jivox DCO is the perfect upgrade for this aim.

Jivox is purpose built to get your campaigns up and running in record time by using smart automation across the entire DCO lifecycle. Your transition will be seamless, but of course, that’s an easy claim to make. Let’s dive into why Jivox specifically will make the upgrade worthwhile and easy.

Omni-Channel Excellence

Jivox offers a comprehensive omni-channel DCO, reaching your audience with a consistent, relevant message across display, video, CTV, social, native and retail media. This means your personalization efforts will no longer be divided by platform. You’ll have a complete customer journey spanning across paid and owned media channels. As a result, you’ll be serving the most relevant ads to your customers at their micro-moments of purchase, in whatever channel they may be at that moment. We’ve even invested heavily in 1-click tag sync to get all ads delivered to the relevant platform in under 10 minutes.

Amazon DSP Certified

Jivox is officially certified to run on Amazon DSP, ensuring you a seamless experience for retail media. Looking to continue using Amazon’s retail media? Not to worry. Officially certified to run on Amazon DSP, Jivox provides you with a seamless transition of your retail media based campaigns. What’s more, as Jivox is not a media owner, we are focused on ensuring you can launch high-performing retail media and e-commerce marketing campaigns no matter the platform. This means equally streamlined activation to repurpose creative and strategy across the likes of Walmart Connect, Giant Eagle and other retail media platforms like PromoteIQ.

Rapid Creative Migration

Jivox can rehost your creatives in just 1-2 weeks, getting you up and running while saving you time and hassle. That may seem impossible but it’s very doable for the same reason it’s quick to start and launch a new campaign with Jivox: creative masters.

The Jivox Dynamic Canvas Studio enables you to make thousands of ad variations from one master file created in your favorite design tool such as Adobe, Google or any custom-coded HTML builder. Imagine uploading one file with numerous assets within and being able to send out thousands of hyper-relevant ad variations. And you won’t have to worry about templates. Your full brand expression will be free from any restrictions.

And for your transition, that means you don’t need to manually upload each individual ad. You can just use your working files for a creative master and organically upgrade your campaigns to a new level of personalization.

Automated DCO

Ditch the manual work. Jivox’s automation slashes the time and effort to fast-track your DCO campaign launch. Jivox automates a lot of creative production to remove countless hours of labor and up to 89% of costs. But automation doesn’t stop there. Jivox DCO features critical automations across the entire platform. That includes machine-learning driven campaign optimization that finds and pushes the best performing variants for specific audiences. The platform also automates key workflows like the approval process and mid-campaign adjustments.

Risk-Free Trial

Test the waters at zero cost. We’ll provide services and impressions for your migration, no strings attached. Perhaps the biggest fear with transitioning platforms is that you risk making a costly mistake by choosing a platform that doesn’t suit your needs. That’s why Jivox is taking risk out of the equation. We’ll be providing services and impressions for your migration at no additional cost and with no contractual strings attached. No strings period.

And if you are not satisfied with your migration to Jivox, you don’t have to pay anything. You just got months of DCO for free.

We know transitioning isn’t a fun experience. But you can safely consider Jivox DCO an exciting upgrade for your digital marketing efforts that is both seamless and risk-free. You get to keep what you currently have working for you while adding an incredible level of personalization across marketing channels. All of this while smart automations drastically reduce your creative workload and time to launch.

Our offer is only available until December 31, 2023. However, if you sign up before that date, you can schedule your migration anytime between now and June 30, 2024.

Let Jivox help you automate a winning campaign today.