Jivox Unveils An Industry-First ROISimulator For Dynamic Creative Optimization

A predictive model offering global brands forecasted returns for automated DCO deployment

San Mateo, CA, March 23, 2023 — Jivox, the personalized dynamic creative technology leader, today announced the availability of ROISimulator™, a powerful predictive model for DCO returns that gives large, global brands a glimpse of the ROI they could achieve by simulating a deployment of DCO automation encompassing campaign, creative, media and workflow scenarios.

“Today’s digital marketers face challenges from every direction,” said Jivox Founder & CEO, Diaz Nesamoney. “They are under the pressure of budget cuts and downsized resources while having to meet the company’s revenue goals and consumers’ demand for relevant content and 1:1 personalization. Despite these challenges, I was heartened to hear a Fortune 500 customer, who had just faced cost cutting, used the words “efficiency” and “automation” several times in our conversation. Her vision is representative of so many forward-thinking marketing leaders who leapfrog their competitors because they know how to leverage automation to create high impact, low effort marketing campaigns to drive sales.”

The Jivox ROISimulator uses performance data from over 10,000 live DCO campaigns spread across 500 brands to predict performance with returns, and compares them to our aggregated campaign benchmarks. Global brands can use this model to test different campaign automation scenarios, input perimeters of any depth and adjust likely, minimum or maximum simulated returns.

“To obtain the true value of DCO, marketers must look at the full DCO lifecycle and apply that holistic ROI measurement to creative production, data-driven optimization, and omnichannel delivery of personalized content,” Mr. Nesamoney continued. “The ROI simulations give marketers visibility into reducing production and personnel costs through creative and workflow automation. In the end, they will see how DCO automation can help to create time, save costs, and grow sales while they scale up 1:1 personalization without additional resources.”

Jivox offers global brands with any level of DCO experience to test-fly the ROISimulator, at no cost. Start here to learn more.

Jivox Automation Delivers ROI for the Full DCO Lifecycle

The Jivox ROISimulator predicts returns by automating the following DCO components:

  • Creative Automation: personalizes thousands of creative variations on the fly, including dynamic product ads and various other formats with a single creative master, driving product efficiency and cost savings.
  • Feed-Based Decisioning: links creative elements inside a single master to multiple feeds, all of which can be updated in real time to generate hundreds to thousands of variations.
  • Workflow Automation: automates tag generation and trafficking via API integration with GCM, saving time and resources over manual process.
  • Auto-Optimization: uses ML-powered algorithms to auto-optimize the best performing creatives based on a variety of metrics from A/B or multivariate testing of creative components.
  • Measurement & Analytics: assess performance of thousands of personalized ad variations in real-time across channels. Automatically update data in brands’ trusted business intelligence platforms to provide actionable insights to boost performance.

About Jivox
Jivox enables global brands to easily and cost effectively personalize their marketing through automation, delivering relevant user experience for consumers while driving revenue growth. Our award-winning, advanced Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platform harnesses the power of AI, data-driven decisioning, and optimization along with automated analytics and attribution technology to deliver measurable increases in media performance for the enterprise. Trusted by brands like Mazda, Williams-Sonoma, T-Mobile, JP Morgan Chase, P&G, we have helped marketers achieve more than 80% reduction in personnel costs for creative production and campaign management workflows while boosting ROAS on an average of 175%.