Reinventing digital marketing through big data, machine-learning and dynamic creative.

In a Customer Experience & Loyalty Special Report included in the March 29, 2017 edition of The Times, Diaz Nesamoney—Jivox CEO and author of the book Personalized Digital Advertising—addressed a key pain point that has been so deeply felt by digital marketers. That is, online ads that broadcast the same message to everyone are not delivering performance and ROI. Same as ads that keep showing up again and again, even after the consumers have purchased the products. This is what gives rise to ad blocking.

“Ads need to be bespoke – you need to show me something personal while I’m still in the market for a product and, if I’ve moved on, then show me something else I find relevant,” says Diaz.

Imagine a long-distance male trail runner (let’s call him Jim) browsing sun glasses, running shorts, wind breakers, and a bunch of other outdoor products through the week.

It is almost the weekend. The weather forecast is sunny and sizzling hot.

Jim sees a compelling ad: a video footage of a trail runner, like him, running up and down a rugged terrain under the blazing sun: dirty limbs, sweaty face, chapped lips—but shining through those eyes is an unwavering determination to keep going. The ad introduces a lightweight hydration pack, with a spot-on message about hydration on the go and rejuvenation.

Jim hasn’t thought about getting a hydration pack, but being reminded of his routine Sunday trail running, and especially during this hot weekend, he makes an in-the-moment decision to buy the pack.

Now imagine: how easy would it be for marketers like us, if we were asked to create only ONE ad for all micro audiences? This ad, with all of the graphical/video, messaging, product and offering components, could be assembled in real time, distributed across multiple screens and channels, to specific individuals during their purchase-intent micro moments. One ad, serving a relevant message to every micro audience at the right time.

This is, in essence, what personalized ads are about.

Diaz explains: “In less than ten milliseconds we can search through petabytes of data, apply machine-learning algorithms, construct a relevant advertisement and serve it up to you. By tying user actions in real time to the message a user sees, so called dynamic customization, is a real game-changer.”

Measurement and analyzing triggers and behavior used to be a challenge because the process was manual. “Not anymore,” Diaz continues. “It can all be optimized automatically. Machine-learning can now give us insights into precisely what consumers will respond to and what will trigger click-throughs.”

How does big data, machine learning, and dynamic creative boost performance? Here’s the full perspective from Diaz, along with Jivox’s benchmark report highlighting how personalized ads outperform traditional ads.

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