Jivox CEO, Diaz Nesamoney, is the recipient of BITS Pilani Distinguished Alumnus 2021-2022 Award

In my six years of close interaction with Diaz, I see first hand how he leads Jivox to scale the company’s growth, from a tech “garage” to an award-winning enterprise serving large, global brands, including 10 of the F100 brands.

Everyday, Diaz embraces the challenges that every CEO faces.

I watch him perform the difficult act of balancing the pressure of financial resources and human resources during the boom and bust of the economic cycles; of steering towards product vision and prioritizing customer demands.

I watch him steer the company with a deep knowledge of our industry and technology. Even as COVID-19 wreaked havoc, in 2021 Jivox saw 43% growth in annualized recurring revenue and was the first among SaaS personalized DCO companies to add 10 of the F100 brands to our customer base. Where do we grow from here? Diaz anticipates that commerce media will be a key trend. In fact, he believes that growth in commerce media has the potential of exceeding social media. Under his leadership, Jivox has pioneered a data-driven, omnichannel personalization infrastructure that powers commerce marketing. The technology helps transform digital commerce by accelerating conversions and sales through increased relevance of the products and offers in a hyper personalized ad for each shopper, in real-time.

I watch him lead by example, lead with empathy, and lead to enable the success of others. On a battlefield, I see two types of leaders: one fights with his troops in the trenches, and the other calling shots from the back. Diaz is the former. He works amongst us, with each of us whether it’s solving problems, giving advice, encouraging progress, or celebrating success. His empathy stems from understanding the challenges facing our team and customers — by being in the trenches. His philosophy on his own success is to enable the success of his team, his customers, and his community. Ethics are his guiding light, and he leads with integrity. Today, these qualities are deeply rooted in the Jivox culture.

As a recipient of the prestigious BITS Pilani Distinguished Alumnus Award, Diaz best exemplifies its spirit:

  • Dissemination or creation of knowledge
  • Enrichment of people’s lives
  • Promotion of high ethical standards in private or public life
  • Integrity

Hats off to you, Diaz!