Jivox Unveils Dynamic Canvas Studio Upgrade to Scale Video Ads for CTV Personalization

Significant enhancement to omni-channel personalized DCO platform for self-service customers makes it easy to extend 1:1 video ads to all video channels, including Connected TV

SAN MATEO, CALIF. — July 14, 2021 — Jivox, the personalized digital marketing technology leader, today announced the launch of its enhanced Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS) with expanded video master personalization capabilities that ease the creation of thousands of personalized video ad variations for self-service brands and agencies. The result: achieving personalization at scale by eliminating days or weeks from the creative production process and increasing the effectiveness of TV campaigns.

“Dynamic video has become a very powerful tool for brands to personalize consumer experience,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder & CEO of Jivox. “Traditionally, video has been challenging and expensive to personalize. Jivox was one of the first platforms to enable dynamic video personalization at scale. Now, with DCS Video, we have simplified the user interface and made it completely interactive, allowing creative teams to quickly and easily produce and preview thousands of videos without requiring any special technical skills. With TV budgets rapidly moving to CTV, where Jivox makes precise messaging much easier, Jivox DCS Video enables brands to bring personalized video to CTV audiences.”

“Tremor Video and Jivox are working with a number of large, global brands to create personalized video ads for CTV,” said Gabriela Maestre, Senior Director of Creative Solutions for Tremor Video’s Tr.ly Creative Studio. “We are already using Jivox’s dynamic video capabilities to generate nearly 3,000 creative variations for one of our joint retail clients, whose CTV ad campaign is geo-driven and personalized based on the respective location of the consumer. Now with the launch of the next phase of Dynamic Canvas Studio, we’re excited to take these creative efficiencies to the next level.”

With Jivox’s Dynamic Canvas Studio, brands can do more with less:

  • Work with existing creative tools: Creative teams can design the video master or template with their preferred tools, such as Adobe After Effects (™), and ingest video files in many different formats and sizes.
  • Preview interactively the dynamic video elements: DCS Video provides a visual interface that enables creative developers to swap elements of the video and visually experience the resulting variations within seconds. Visual previews allow creative teams to not only test the dynamic swap of product, copy, and offer elements but also maintain the fidelity and immersive experience of the original “master” design. The video versioning can then be scaled using product feeds or assets from a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.
  • Save costs on creative production: Video production is a costly project. More costly is creating dynamic videos, especially with different formats in which video is consumed: Social, CTV, OOH and other formats–each requires the production of individual videos that quickly drive up cost. DCS automatically generates all of the dynamic versions of a master video, significantly reducing the cost of video production.
  • Support diverse formats and enable true omnichannel: There are now hundreds of formats and channels by which video content and ads are being consumed. Facebook alone supports video in at least ten different creative formats and sizes. Tiktok, Snapchat and others also require various formats and sizes. CTV publishers often have stringent specs with differing bitrates, sizes and resolutions, such as. HD, 4K, etc. All of this can become very time-consuming and expensive for brands to build. DCS Video easily handles all of these formats through a single, easy-to-use workflow.

To personalize ads for CTV, Jivox enables brands to optimize messaging based on household data and all kinds of contextual data, including interests, location, time, seasons, holidays, weather, language and so on. Jivox can sift through hundreds of messaging and creative options and countless configurations. The Jivox platform creates thousands of personalized, high-resolution CTV video ads for delivery at the right time, in the right context, to boost conversions — all through a single tag.

DCS for video screenshot

The traditional approach to creating video ads is labor-intensive and non-scalable. For example, editing a simple 30-second video ad to swap one message and one product may take a few minutes using a video editing tool. However, to create 5000 versions of this video for different language, product and location variations could take weeks using manual development approaches, not to mention the very error-prone manual processes. Furthermore, current DCO platforms create video versions on the desktop, which means video versions can only be made one at a time on a desktop computer. DCS video uses Jivox’s video render farm in the cloud to generate many video variations in parallel. Using Jivox’s DCS Video, brands can easily scale one video master to 5000 personalized variations in 90 minutes or less.

First announced in February 2021, Jivox DCS is an integral part of Jivox IQ, the company’s flagship product, and serves as a key tool for creative development to be an essential part of the AI and data-driven personalization offered by Jivox IQ.

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