Right around late March when the coronavirus panic-buying set in, none of us could find disinfecting solutions and wipes, rubbing alcohol, face masks online or in the stores. But one afternoon, I received a little Jivox care package containing all of these essentials, along with vitamin C pills and anti-stress incense sticks. This is very typical of what she does: taking care of all her people–the Jivox team.

Her name is Claudia Rafello. She’s our People & Culture chief.

I’ve asked Claudia to share a word of inspiration. Here’s DYNAMIC and how she sees that as the catalyst for community building.


DYNAMIC: In these rapidly evolving times we need to come together and be successful by being dynamic.

When I think of a dynamic team, I think of Jivox; its people, culture and inclusivity. As a dynamic company, we all collaborate towards a common goal: success. #unstoppable is our new company norm–winning despite any challenge.

In order to win, we do what we do best. We put our teams first. We emphasize the importance of staying connected by ensuring collaboration between all teams globally through several team events. With the help from our chief of fun officers, we began hosting global happy hours, talent shows, mixology and cooking events. Not to mention, one-on-one team check-ins, weekly virtual lunches, open office hours with our CEO and other communication tools via slack.


As we began our transition to working from home, we collaborated together and uploaded photos of our new work space. The collage above truly displays the dynamic of our Jivox community (kudos to Nick Roschkowsky, our graphic designer who put it together). Whether we are working outside, on the floor, having a zoom meeting in the kitchen with our kids climbing all over us or our dogs demanding our attention, at the end of the day we are all in this together.

As part of our dynamic wellbeing, we implemented lets-talk-wellness and #e-learning101 channels on slack along with volunteer opportunities to help us manage our everyday demands of personal, professional, and family life balance during this work from home transition and beyond. The channels focus on promoting self-care, exercise, mental health, meditation, parenting tips, e-learning and reminders to keep our normal routine during this shelter-in-place order. Our volunteering efforts of doing good for the community has given our employees a sense of pride and accomplishment which in the end leads to overall wellness.

Lastly, let’s remind each other to stay positive, support one another and use these moments to reflect while we ride this wave together. It is times like these that bring us closer in ways we never would have imagined. #TogetherApart

As Queen Elizabeth says in The Queen’s Coronavirus broadcast, “we will meet again.”