Powering Brands’ Omni-channel Campaigns with Personalization

Today’s audiences aren’t just spending time with two or three forms of media. They are omnivorous consumers of media on a multitude of platforms and screens. If marketers want to engage them effectively, they need to similarly create a seamless engagement experience across channel. In short, they need to be omni-channel. However, being omni-channel isn’t truly enough for brands to necessarily break through. Personalization is key. But personalization technology has largely been limited to a single channel—display advertising. That is, until now.

Jivox is introducing a new product enhancement via an API integration with Facebook.

The result: brand marketers will be able to personalize ad content to audiences using two of the most popular social media channels in the market—Facebook and Instagram.

As with all offerings built on the Jivox platform, this new dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for social media is designed to identify a myriad of micro-audiences through machine-learning/AI algorithms. It also personalizes ads based on contextual data: weather, temperature, time of day, day of week, language, and other demographics and real-time triggers.

This is a boon for marketers, since this type of contextual data isn’t ordinarily part of Facebook and Instagram’s offerings.

Use this new Jivox IQ platform enhancement, and a multitude of data cues are leveraged almost instantly, prompting thousands of creative and messaging variations. Ad creative dynamically reconfigures like an intricate jigsaw puzzle—to ultimately deliver individually tailored ads that will resonate with consumers as they share and connect on social media.

Several brands we work with are trying out  this new social media capability during its pilot phase. For example, our longstanding client REI tested social media engagement by using some of the contextual data also used for their display ad campaigns, such as weather, location, interest, and gender. Using three different ad variations to introduce ski classes, REI served personalized ads to micro-segments of consumers on Facebook based on insight developed with combining data on location (e.g., zip codes), weather conditions in these locations (e.g., one-inch or two-inch snow) and prospective consumers on Facebook who may not have taken ski classes. Early results showed REI’s personalized ads outperforming Salesforce benchmark 4x over.

This is just one example of the right time, right place, and right insights all working in sync to deliver an ad that captures attention.

Needless to say, the combination of a seamless omnichannel approach with personalization technology is powerful. So, we’re excited to drive dynamic ad creative and cutting-edge personalization in these all-important social media channels. Visit jivox.com to learn more about Jivox IQ.

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